Saturday, January 13, 2007

Investing 101

Pretty much sums up freshman finance studies. Knowledge and due diligence are paramount!


Accept this free invitation: Send money first
Accounting For Dummies: Latest census poll
Bear: What your wallet will be taking a chance on a hot stock tip
Bond: What you had with your spouse before pawning silver ware to invest in penny stocks
Brokee: Some one who buys stock on the advice of a broker
Broker: How you'll end up taking advice from him/her
Bull: Reason broker gives for churning your account
Commission: The only reliable way to make money with investments
Commission Free: You are paying something somewhere
Convenience Fee: Interest charge
Deflation: Buying a new tire instead of fixing the bad one
Inflation: Fixing the bad tire instead of buying a new one
Invest: Gamble
Margin: Where you doodle during econ 101
Misdeeds: Crimes
Multilevel Business Partners: Suckers
Short Position: A type of trade that leaves you without rent money (I'm short this month)
Stock: A magical piece of paper worth $44.57 until you buy it then its worth is $35.00
Stock Market Correction: Crash

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