Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Coal: Headwaters Inc. Leads The New Trend In Electric Utilities

Looking for a trend to bank on? With the new Democratic Congress in session, look for a disproportionate amount of bills introduced related to energy and environmental concerns. Already 20 states have adopted measures that require electric utlities generate a portion of their output from clean, renewable sources. I find it funny that the State of Washington does not consider H2O, (hydroelectric), a renewable source.

The buzzwords, renewable-energy, alternative-energy, and alternative-fuels, are great and altruistic, but we need more near term answers. When our electricity goes out, our first concern is to get it back on regardless of the source. I doubt, that no matter what the politicians want, I will be driving on saw grass, garbage, or hydrogen anytime soon.

What is going to happen near term is an increase in coal usage and a build up of coal-to-liquid, (CTL), plants. Already lawmakers are proposing CTL regulations and guide lines. US Rep Rich Boucher is a stong proponent of coal-based fuels. He and others from Virginia and West Virginia have CTL high on their to do list.

The conundrum at play here is, increased coal usage versus environmental concerns. That is where Headwaters Inc. (HW) comes in. It is located in Utah with logistical infrastructure through out the US. With out getting into reagents and nanocatalyst applications, it is one of the largest providers of technology used in coal cleaning and CTL conversion. The stock has been beaten down recently which makes it a bargain. I own this stock.

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