Sunday, April 1, 2007

CNBC Stock Picking Contest

Well, what an advertising dubb. CNBC is making a fortune off their hits on their stock picking contest site. This contest has the same credibility as a Cow-Pie throwing event.

I have moved up from #1467 to #1337. Wow, I am in the top 1%.

As I blogged earlier, the whole thing is about volatility. I have been trading LVLT and KRY on MACD trends. My personal account mimics my CNBC account and is up 47% over 4 weeks although on a smaller scale. (way smaller)

The bottom line, if your a lotto ticket buyer, the winner walks on water, throws nickels and gets back quarters. Don't think for a moment the winner knows squat about trading.

But*** If I win I will tell you I know Squat! Ha Ha

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