Monday, February 5, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Leans On God

Rush Limbaugh, radio talk host and Nobel Prize nominee, leans on God to support his stance that Global Warming is a hoax. He has tried logic, questioned scientific methods, spoofed posing polar bears, quoted big oil, monitored groundhogs, consulted tea leaves and alas, he ends up with the God debate. On his show today he states that God would not have created a mankind that would destroy his environment.

Once he uses God to defend his position, what does he have left in his arsenal to defend himself from a frenzied media attack? He must be preparing a trip to Rome to garner support from the Vatican. A better bet is, he says a prayer tonight for a little back-up.

I'm writing this piece after some reading I did recently on Blaise Pascal. For you in the EIB universe, he was a French Philosopher noted for his bet, "Pascals Bet". He was big on expected value when supporting arguments. He argued that it was a better bet to believe in God than not, because if there is a God, the expected value is infinite.

If there is a chance Rush is wrong, the circumstances would be dire. The expected value of stemming global warming is almost infinite. I'm not leaning on God, but the free will of man.

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